What is the fediverse ?

“Fediverse” is a suitcase word for “federation” and “universe”. It is a name used to designate a fairly large federation of servers forming an alternative communication network (social networks, microblogging, websites, etc.).

In a nutshell the Fediverse is the Universe of the Federation.

The Fediverse is built around free software. Fediverse's social networks are very different from traditional platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), on the one hand, all federated networks are developed by people from all over the world, regardless of any company or official institution. This means that you can participate in the development and growth of the Fediverse. All skills are valuable: spreading the word, inviting friends are highly appreciated activities. Another difference between these social networks and corporate silos is the principle of federation: Consumer networks concentrate millions of users on their servers. This gives them the dangerous power to control information and hoard users' private data, to use them for commercial purposes (and who knows what other causes).

The Fediverse networks are designed to be managed by anyone: you are free to choose and register on any instance, you can choose the person who will be in charge of your data, the administrator of your server. If you have technical knowledge, you can administer your own instance for your friends and family, at your convenience, by connecting with thousands of other independent instances on the web. In a sense, the Fediverse is like a feudal system where power and data are decentralized and scattered over several countries, while the websites of large corporations have each made themselves king (or tyrant?) of their huge country, surrounded by high fences, and reserve the power of decision, control and censorship of data.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of software (sorted in alphabetical order) using the federation and its different protocols to communicate between different servers.

Mastodon is a free, federated, user-friendly microblogging platform that has been designed from the ground up as an ethical alternative to the bluebird while offering many more features. The interface is modified using themes and there are project forks such as Glitch which considerably increases the possibilities of this software.
Diaspora is a social network whose key words are Decentralization, Freedom and Confidentiality. Very similar to Facebook, this software is used in the form of “pods” that interact with each other to allow their respective users to communicate with each other.
Pleroma, a federated software compatible with Mastodon and Gnu Social. In comparison, this software is much lighter in resources than the two named for an equal number of users. The interface is highly customizable and the Mastodon interface is also integrated.
Friendica, one of the fediverse's software with the most features and allowing a very high support of the other federated software.
Hubzilla is a decentralized communication and publication platform. It gives you full control over all your communications through automatic encryption and detailed access control. You, and only you, decide who can see your messages. Hubzilla is the successor that has successfully managed the Friendica and RedMatrix platforms for several years.
Peertube offers decentralized video hosting. This software is the result of the success of framasoft's “Internet Negotiations” campaign. Created as a free alternative to Youtube, this software uses peer-to-peer technology to provide resilience between different instances hosting content. You can post comments on the videos directly from mastodon thanks to the federation.
Pixelfed offers the possibility to share images as Instagram would, but here your images belong to you! You can finely decide who will have access to your images, you subscribe to users… Moreover, using the Activitypub protocol, you can communicate with other software using it (Mastodon, Gnu Social, etc.).
Funkwhale is a fantastic music hosting software that appeared in response to Grooveshark's disappearance. You can share music with your friends, family, users of an instance or everyone else. Its author is working full time on it and is also researching a way to remunerate content creators.
GNU Social is the continuation of the StatusNet project. This software allows you to communicate in a private and public way. It is widely supported by other federated software. This software is in a way the parent company of mastodon which is an alternative implementation of this software.
Write.as is a blog platform which use the federation to share its ideas throughout it. Here distraction is not required, the interface is refined and devoid of notifications to focus exclusively on what you write. Privacy is taken very seriously and the service is accessible via Tor.

The logos come from the official websites of their respective projects.

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